3 Types Of Dental Discoloration

26 January 2018
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Tooth discoloration can be caused by a number of reasons, and can appear as stains on the surface of your teeth or as deviations in the dentin. Here are three different types of tooth staining, and what you can do about them: Intrinsic Staining Intrinsic dental staining refers to the discoloration that develops when the dentin, or inner part of your teeth, turns yellow or dark. This type of staining can occur as a result of childhood exposure to large amounts of fluoride and the use of antibiotics known as tetracycline in young children. Read More 

5 Stages Of Tooth Decay

3 January 2018
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Treating an early stage of tooth decay is possible by cleaning the tooth in a detailed manner and filling the cavities, or decayed holes in the tooth. However, it is important to learn the signs to prevent further decay. Considering most Americans have some form of tooth decay, a proper understanding of this dental issue is smart. With this guide and your dentist's help, you will learn the signs and treatment options for the 5 stages of tooth decay. Read More 

4 Foods For Healthier Teeth

20 November 2017
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One of the most important things you can do is to take care of your teeth. This will allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life by eating the foods that are best for your dental health. Keep in mind there are foods that will work to strengthen the teeth and eating these on a consistent basis is ideal. Knowing some of the top items you should include on your plate can be extremely helpful to you. Read More 

New Baby Teeth And Their Proper Care

26 October 2017
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As a new parent, you may have a lot of questions regarding your child's development. One of the areas of concern you will more than likely have will also include their teeth and how to properly care for them. This article will serve as a short and helpful guide that can help to answer some of the more commonly asked questions by new parents. Don't worry about a newborn's gums When you bring your newborn baby home, you don't want to worry about their gums. Read More 

Oral Health Issues That Affect Children

2 October 2017
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Oral health problems may occur at any age. Still, most parents want their kids to maintain healthy teeth as the children grow older. Here are some of the issues that may affect a child as he or she grows. Baby Bottle Decay in Babies and Toddlers Oral health problems can occur even for the youngest dental patients. Babies and toddlers experience tooth decay and gum inflammation. One type of tooth decay that is particularly detrimental for babies and toddlers is baby bottle decay. Read More